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  • Election of NCPA officers, updates on the state of the association, and plans for the year ahead

  • Advertising roundtables or Reporter Session

  • SAVE when you purchase tickets to both lunch and the banquet.


  • Legislative Session

    Legislative Session

    Thursday, September 19th 10:00am
    FREE for NCPA members only

  • NC Demographics Trends

    NC Demographics Trends

    Thursday, September 19th 2:00pm

    "Know your readers" Moderated Panel Discussion
    The changing demographics of our state and the impact on state politics, how we as a media cover issues, what issues are important in our communities, and the makeup of our readership.


  • Breakouts


    Thursday, September 19th 3:30pm
    Advertising Roundtables- Best Idea Exchange
    Reporter session- Media Law- body cams, public records, Hotline Ask Me Anything session


  • Publishers Roundtable

    Publishers Roundtable

    Thursday, September 19th 4:30pm
    Moderated Idea Exchange, shop talk


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